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Clean Fleece is a superior product

Skirting Services

Pricing: Pricing as follows:
Each adult fleece skirted is $20. If I receive more than 4 fleeces in one shipment, then I will only charge $17 per fleece.
If the fleece is super dirty I will add a $15 charge to the price per fleece.
Cria fleeces will be $30 per fleece.
If you want the fleece skirted for a show, it will be an additional $10 per fleece.
My turn around time will be ten days based on arrival date up to 20 fleeces per shippment. Show fleeces and cria fleeces will be two weeks.
I will email you when fleece arrives and when fleece is done.
Call for Details: 541-536-6190

Service Description

I will Skirt your fleece so that you can turn it into product.
I have been skirting fleeces for over 6 years to turn it into yarn, rugs, roving, etc. I skirt with the mind set that I want to get top price for my fleece. I would treat yours the same.
Please feel free to email me for more information.
Pricing and conditons are below.
Just entered 4 fleeces and Judges commented on how nice my skirting was. Received 1st and 2nds.

Terms of Service

I will want 1/2 payment before you ship the fleece the rest before I ship back to you. I except Visa/Mastercard/Discover cards, Check or money order. Shipping costs will be added to final billing.

Upon request I will ship to destenation of your choice if you want it shipped to fiber mill/other place, etc....

All fleeces that are not paid with in 45 days will be thrown away. I do not have the room for fleeces to keep.