We take care of your alpacas as our own

Boarding/Agisting Services

Pricing: Our fees for daily care is $3 per day. If you pay your fee by the 10th of each month there will be a $10 discount on your monthly bill.

Red Oak Farms will not be held liable or responsable for any illness or death of a boarded/agisted alpaca. All alpacas that come to our farm must have a BVD test, Vet Certificate and insured. There will be no exceptions to these requirements. We have a healthy and happy herd and want to keep them that way.
Call for Details: 541-536-6190

Service Description

Here at Red Oak Farms Alpacas we offer boarding/agisting services to our customers who purchase from us and to outside alpaca owners as well. Our fees include regular gentle and loving interactions with the alpacas, routine daily care including nutritious feed and fresh water daily, clean paddocks and pastures, as well as routine immunizations and de-worming.
We offer a hands on opportunity for you to own alpacas with out having all the worries of running a farm. Come and work with us side by side to provide the best care to your alpacas. Part of our service to you is to show you how to give shots, trim nails, train and the daily care of your alpacas.
All other meds and vet vistis or an emergency that may arise is the responsability of the owner.

Please call us for details 541-536-6190

Terms of Service

If you want any kind of training done, $2 per day to the daily cost will be added to the price.